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Jordan’s bad ass closet

#HottieHoopCamp was a big part of my life for almost ten years. And in a way, I can’t even describe how pivotal it was, professionally, even more so personally. The perfect storm of becoming who I most wanted to be, or the foundation thereof.

A big part of #HottieHoopCamp was #gettingyourlookdown, so personal expression through what one was wearing. And many of us at camp can’t, couldn’t, or won’t wear things right off the rack.

So think an Edward ScissorsHands/Pretty in Pink mashup and there ya go.

This is my favorite picture of all time showcasing the scissors skills.

Anyway, meet Jordan, the hottie, hooper LIBRARIAN and media specialist at Aldine ISD, Eisenhower Ninth Grade School.  This woman knows how to build a reference library and list the resources. With amazing detailed recall. Yowzers.

So if you want to have a big ass list of how to get #getyourlookdown especially if you are plus size, or as I like to say, kinda fat, then here you go.

These are all vendors, shops, and/or online resources for pinup, retro and rockabilly looks, but most of all they are ways to be self-expressive in your look.

I especially like how Jordan discussed how she plans her wardrobe, that she goes from school to errands to dinner in the same outfit, nothing is low cut because she wanted versatility so her workwear is her everyday wear. And that’s pretty refreshing because how many of us have workwear that we hate, and wouldn’t be caught dead in, except, well, at work. And doesn’t that make us dead inside anyway? Wearing something that you hate? At a place where you earn the dinero? That is a terrible message to give ourselves and work people are gonna pick up on that.

Jordan mentions a couple of times how intrigued work peeps are, both staff and students, with her outfits. One coach calls her Miss Frizzle (hence the title of this post) and students regularly swing by the Library to see what she has on.


Way to inspo the kids who could use it the most IMO. Like, am I right?! Would this have been awesome when you were in middle school? For most of us, the answer is hell yes. 

When we talked about style development, 
She remarked that first, she decided she was attracted to pin up style, that she had always liked the art to put on her walls, and then decided to go for it when she found some options in her sizes.

Next, she decided what looked good on her body, and also what is she comfortable showing. (Hey dear reader, I put resource list for finding what you like on your body under Jordan’s long ass list of fashion resources, FYI. Start there if you feel like you are starting from scratch, but  watch the video so you know we are with you.)

Getting excited about accessories came first, and then she decided to buy things she can wear to work or out and about. So she was building outfits around her accessories first, and then eventually had enough depth and options that she could cross-pollinate outfits.

That is where she puts her money, self-expression is key. And this is like a hobby for her, what she spends her time doing and creating.

She also learned to sew basic items that she didn’t want to turn to fast fashion for. Sew a simple top to wear with all the skirts and ornate cardigans, no problem. Learning to sew simple items is extremely liberating.

For the “I don’t like you anymore, it’s not you it’s me,” dept of the closet, she periodically takes her goods to Buffalo Exchange, a local Houston fashion resale.

Takeaways from dress code discussion that we had in video ~
* Know the drill, know what the parameters are, and then express yourself. * Learn how to find a way to be both IN it and AROUND it.
* Know the employee handbook in and out, or student handbook in and out so you know where the line is, and when you are being fraudulently hassled.
* “I’m a loud dresser,” something Jordan actually said when she was recruited/interviewed for a new position at a different school. “Don’t hire me if that isn’t what you want.”

Here are the links to alll the resources mentioned in the closet tour video.

* Follow Jordan on IG at
* Where did she get the jewelry dresser?
*  Lobster skirt
    *   Also sold by Mod Cloth
* Pins and Necklaces 
    * ErstWilder
        * including jellyfish and Rizzo from Grease Brooch!!!! 
      * Also sold by kinks and quirks Save on that shipping!
    * Martinis and Slippers
        *  ex Swear jar! And they move!
    * Baccurelli
    * Kiju Candie (out of bizs)
    * Vinka in Austin Texas
        * Bomb pop earrings
    * Kitschy Witchy
    * Australian Company called Deer Arrow,
        * super in-depth detail, mermaid, cowgirl and by TwoSisters like us!
    * Luxulite, snowman bangles!
    * Spanish Godzilla piece (17/20),
    * Tatty Divine in England
        * That’s how Blythe Learned that they aren’t heavy and she can wear easily, So note to folks who can’t wear heavy jewelry.
    * Puts all her sterling in a box  jewelry case to reduce oxidization, but is a good idea 
        * Micheals 
        * FireFly
* Animal Puts from Irregular Choice
* Estonia Felt Hat
* How to store hats
    * Wig racks to hold hats
* Collectif
    * “Call Me” Purse and matching skirt and cardigan
    * London sky scene
    * Kon Mari ~
        * “Your purse gets away from you.”
        * Switch out wallet and chargers
* Trashy diva
* Vixen
* Vivien of Holloway
* Heart of Haute
* Bernie Dexter
* Pinup girl
* Unique Vintage
* Sarsparilly is Australia
    * Cause its David Bowie!
* Mod Cloth
* Miss Fortune UK
* Oblong Box Shop
* Retrolicious
* Disney has a cute set of Women’s dresses
    * “Big sizes go quickly”
* Lindy Bop
* EShakti
* Vintage Inspired by Jackie
    * Disney Bounder, Like what? A subculture of people who are Disney Bounding, because you can’t wear costumes in the park. 
    * Bounder 411
    * Unique Vintage sells to this community
* Laura Brynes designed from PinUp Girl
    * Canvas petticoat
    * Extra lift under the skirt.
    * Jordan wears this instead of a petticoat, as a better investment. “Petticoats are expensive, and they itch!”
    * Tips on how to fake a waist. 
        * Long full skirt
        * belt
* Adam’s tiny closet section
    * Ghostbusters lines, Spirit Halloween
    * Only the dudes’ versions, booooooo.
* Light up skirt, 
    * Scored at Christmas for 20 bucks! 
    * ThinkGeek!
* Jordan advises when traveling to purchase something as part of your souvenir and style development~ Hot Tip alert!
* Doc Martens 
    * and they have pride boots!
* Irregular choice shoes ~ 
    * Magical tote bag!
    * Look at that box!
  * Soles of the shoes, get a sole cover!
  * And people with big feet like Rowan!
* Kitty Skirt
    * Vivian of Holloway
* undies to wear over panties that decrease chafing and promote modesty
* Moisture wicking, jocky
* Skirts with pockets! Don’t buy anything without pockets!
* Oblong box skirt with eyeballs ~

28 Minute Mark 
* Attention from your look. How to deal with all the attention. 
* Pants Micheline Pit Vixen
* Bad Girl Denim from Vixen  ~
* Slacks from ModCloth 
* Fuzzy pink jacket from Target, unfortunately, the jacket is long gone
* My Sisters Hates T-shirt skirt with yoga band top ~, tutorial coming soon!

34 min 
Ethics of clothing
* Who makes your clothes 
* Bales of clothes in landfill
* Polyester doesn’t biodegrade
* Laser-cut jewelry, do they recycle the trimmings
* Utility belt shoutout ~
* Will you wear it long term

What is a good deal about a cedar chest?
* Keeps clothes preserved, 
* keeps bugs out
* Inherited from family members.
* Ethical furniture
* Put your alternating season wear in here so you have more room in the closet. And when storing clothing for season change is an excellent time to go through our clothes, see what needs to be mended and released.

* Keeping something special from family, keeping a few pieces, will you wear it?

* #HottieHoopCamp ~
    *  search the hashtag to see the tribe, how we all came together
    * PunkRock Hoops
    * Hooping and building body confidence, altered couture.
    * And how we all transformed each other. #wearephamily
* Advanced Style
* MotorCity Mystic, Rowan loves her!

* Local retail killed itself. And supporting small business and women-owned is WHATS UP.

* Buying something that someone has curated is also cool, so if you wanna find all the goodies do it, or get something that someone found for you! Support small business!

Rowan’s list of how to decide what you like on your body recommendations 
* Colette wardrobe architecture.
* Find what shape works for you!
* Find your silhouette.
* With worksheets!

Whew! That was a bunch. If you wanna ask about something leave us a comment under the YouTube video!


Jordan, Rowan and Blythe