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Howdy Loves,

You know we like us some fire here in Texas, right?

Julie, Pinto, and MS Yet spin it up.

Julie, Pinto, and MS Yet spin it up.


But what we don’t love is unsafe fire, like this dude who lets a spot on his deck burn all casually next to some lighter fluid.


Unsafe fire dude.


or that Rowan saw someone say on a FB hoop jam invitation, “Bring some lighter fluid, we are in the trees at the park so we should be ok.”


um, what?


or when shiz goes down unsafely at a performance.


PRH friend and Mental Dexterity founder said this, which I thought was legit.


“A local fire performer was called by a fire marshal and given a warning, that if caught again they could be fined $1000+.

This was brought to my attention before I even got up this morning. I already knew about the gig from her (sans the details) as we speak semi-regularly.

After much internal discussion, we’ve decided to share about this in this private group.

Often times I turn down opportunities to perform that are within visibility of the public. This performance was done on Main street, in public view, something I personally would have turned down.

In Houston City limits, it is illegal to light up without obtaining a permit. This process is a huge pain in the dick and can cost up to roughly $800 and some time when it’s all said and done (fire watch permit, c1 open flame, feo fee, inspection meeting).

We try our best to keep illegal activities under the radar. We use FLOW or ILLUMINATED instead of fire if we advertise ourselves or let clients advertise us.

There are several performers who are guilty of advertising fire, regularly. I might as well say it here, we really try to avoid it. If you’re one of these, and you know who you are, please be considerate of your peers. We want to be the last issue on the fire marshal’s mind, at least until we have approached them about making the permitting process feasible.

And to be frank, every time we see unpermitted fire advertised, or caught, those of us trying to be legitimate and professional frown on it. It’s not just me, it’s several of my peers and artists beyond the MDSO collective whose toes get stepped on because of it. It sucks. And don’t tell me I’m singling anyone out because I go ham on my closest peers for this same issue, they can tell you.

Please take this into account.
1) Don’t light up in obvious public populated places.
2) Don’t let clients advertise unpermitted fire.
3) If you want things to get better for fire performers, we have to create a legitimate demand for it. Getting caught hurts our rep with the Fire Marshals office.

I’m not saying don’t guerilla burn, I’m saying don’t be flagrantly waving it in the face of public officials. And if you do, you better be hella safe.”

So this is what I’m proposing. If you wanna burn, and think you might want to perform, and you wanna have your shit straight, join us at the Hottie Hoop Camp fire safety class. Then get your burn on with all your Houston fire performer peeps.


Like, have you met MS Yet? She’s part of our teaching team and one of our Houston fire performer peeps.
MS Yet

Fire, Safely.

PRH Fire Crew

P.S. Our #forwardfacing playlist from January is up on 8tracks!

P.P.S. If you’ll be in Houston for Valentines weekend, join Rowan on February 13th and learn how to do some kick ass embroidery in her Bitchin Stitchin 102 class.