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How to throw a Clothing Swap during a Pandemic, in 10 easy steps

1. Lose/Gain weight, or get minimalist or need to make space after a year of shifting priorities around pants and online shopping. Decide to declutter, and let go of jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, pants, dresses, skirts, and pretty much EVERYTHING in the “Wear it on my Body” gets moved on out.

2. PICK a date, start spreading the news, tell your beezies,

3. Make a wish list and then talk to your friends at Common Desk or another rad ass coworking space. Make a meme with Bernie Sanders and your community manager of the aforementioned Common Desk (East End represent!)

4. Ask your work buddies at Lalamove if they would like to cohost, and then they have a BRILLIANT IDEA. See, what they do is move stuff, a courier service. I used them to go pick up my last paycheck and some leftover mail from a job where I thought there was going to be shenanigans. There were still shenanigans, but it turned down the heat.

Here is their official words Lalamove is an app-based delivery service that connects small businesses with local delivery drivers within seconds. The company merges the rideshare model concept with courier services that can deliver anything from flowers to furniture and everything in between and provides businesses with a way to get deliveries to their consumers for four to eight times less than traditional shipping companies or other delivery apps.

5. Find an org that could use some support, and ask for a ten-dollar donation to raise dinero for their scholarship fund, Heeeeeey Laura Burns and the PCOS Liberation Society Donations to the Accessibility Fund Liberation Community founders. For $20 you can fund a lifetime membership to the community for someone who would not otherwise be able to afford access.
Laura Burns (she/her) @radicalbodylove

6. Set up an event on and also Facebook. Unfortunately, Bernie gets edited out of the graphic

7. Plan Ahead, Acknowledge and then minimize risk ~ Low-Risk Covid Approach

    • Big enough space for folks to stay far apart from each other
    • Air filters, we use Molekule
    • Masks, double up if you wanna, and cover your NOSE. OMG for the love of god cover your nose.
    • Get Lalamove to bring the donations to you for early setup. (Remember the good idea? This is it.) Go through your things, be ruthless, and wash them and send it on over, on junk hangers if it’s something that usually hangs. Clear out your house! Hey, we even have a coupon code! MAGIC CODE: LABR10
      (valid 3/27- 4/10) Send to 2339 Commerce Street, Houston, Texas 77009 ATTN PUNK ROCK HOOPS
    • Tell folks, “Bring your own bag to take home goodies!”

8. Set up the day before, minimize fatigue and let the Molekule air filters do their thing overnight

    • Set up 2-5p
    • VIP find an item you must have.
    • Put items out on table or hanging rack
    • Play some slick tunes,
    • PHOTO BOOTH!!!! WHY? So folks can swing wide, try on something that maybe they aren’t sure about. GET DARING. A friend can their picture with THEIR phone, and then they can evaluate. We want to try new things, be different, BOLDER. Punk Rock Hoops has a set of cowboy lights and will sling a curtain up for a back drop, get nuts.

9. Day of/During Event!

    • Take Temps at the door
    • Rep from PCOS Body Liberation Org takes donations! Suggested $10- $20
    • Handwashing station ~ fun smell good soap
    • Extra hand sanitizer so folks can pump as they peruse 
    • Drinks through straws
    • Have someone heckeling people to use the photo booth so clapping and cheering can commence.
    • Get you a Lisa Sacaris or a Hottie to show you some basic altered couture moves, consider bringing your fabric scissors. 

10. Clean up space

    • Donations in kitchen bags, hangers sticking out! Lalamove takes the donations to a designated drop point, already has your person ready to receive donations. In this case, we are donating to Madge 
    • Photobooth packed away, 
    • Have your Swiffer mop ready to go, trash bags open and hanging off a doorknob
    • Glass in the recycle bin
    • Laminated signs for event and clothing type wiped down with Thieves spray and then wipe done communal horizontal surfaces
    • Glass hauled away in a recycle bin.

    Whew!! That’s it. But look at you with your new cool clothes in your much emptier closet and drawer space. 


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