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Wanna come to the clothing shop and drop?

So you want to get your look down. I get it. It’s not easy trying on a new style. Get your swap on. 

  • RSVP —–> Click the Target picture! ——->
  • Tell a friend / Bring a friend
  • April 10 through April 14 – Drop off Week
  • Drop off clothing items – plus sizes preferred (hanging clothes on hangers please)
  • On Shopping Day:  Donate $ via Eventbrite ticket or @ the door – Then Shop

Drop off your clothing items April 10 – April 14th 9a-4p. Plus sized clothing preferred. Accessories, clothing, and shoes. Wanna get a peak at the good stuff – help us set up 4/15 from 1-4.


Wanna help? We will be setting up after noon on April 15th. 

This event is sponsored by Punk Rock Hoops

  • Co ~ sponsors
  • FAQ
    • If I don’t donate clothes before hand, can I still come to the swap on Sunday? YES
    • I’m shy and unsure about trying out new looks, should I still come? YES
    • I’m afraid of someone touching/styling/heckling me, should I still come? YES
    • I’m worried about covid, will folks be wearing masks and air filters going? YES
    • Can I just bring things in on Sunday when I arrive for the swap? NO
    • I’m lonely and just need to be around my beezies, and don’t need clothes and/or have the centavos to donate at the door, should I still come? Hell Yeah
    • Is this a kid friendly event? Not really, we have unsecured mirrors and other hazards. So only bring em if they are easily corralled or self entertained
    • Can I pay the donation digitally? Yes!
    • What happens to all the clothes that don’t get swapped? They go to the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter where they LOSE THEIR MINDS at all the high quality clothes for their peeps. 

Round Bodies Rock Clothing Swap