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I first heard this term in a Danielle LaPorte post about How to create a Declaration of Clarity.

5. Forward Facing. This is a drama free zone. We move on from the problems. We’d much rather focus on creating a brighter today and tomorrow.

‚ÄčAnd how we apply it in PRHville is to acknowledge the past, and then keep grooving and flowing towards positive action.

Choose optimism. Back it with action.

So here are two ways to implement the #ForwardFacing2016 Plan

1) Get yourself to PRH HQ Houston on Christmas morning for Tarot and Tamales at Ten.

Join us for our Annual Christmas day Tarot and Tamale gathering.

Bring your deck of cards and a food item to go with the tamales we will be providing. Don’t have a deck? No worries, we have some extras that didn’t get the KonMari boot out the door.

Each year we do individual calendar spreads as a group to help give us insight on the coming year.

The gathering begins at 10am, we will be doing readings at 11am, and following that we will set our intentions for the new year.


Tarot and Tamales

Forward Facing 2016, join us for tarot and tamales at ten at PRH HQ


2) Plan your shiz. Blythe and I recently added a weekly schedule overview section to the Punk Rock Hoops Teacher Training. Specifically in the Taking Care of the Goose section. You know, balancing biz and self care. Cause on one hand you gotta move your biz forward (or don’t, but have clarity about what’s going on)


Thanks, Melissa!

Thanks, Melissa!

…but on the other hand you gotta take care of yourself. Crash and burn is inevitable if you don’t. So read this post on scheduling shiz here from Jennifer, one of our teachers, which is all about the schedule. Blythe found this weekly schedule template by googling “time management weekly plan,” but really any of them will do.

When you look at your schedule, you can see where the goose time is, and where the moving biz forward time is, where the sexy time is (yes!) and where you simply have too much on your plate.


Forward facing and scheduling biz

And that lets you know where to “Let it Goooooooooo” (sing it, Elsa)

Need help deciding what’s over the top? Hit reply and send me an email or comment or show up at Tamale Time, and my big sister self will set you straight.

PRH Gratitude Crew

P.S. #HottieHoopCamp, we wantcha.
P.P.S. Parsley transcended into pure love and light two weeks ago. She was a mascot and love. And for sure forward facing.

Sweet Parsley, defintely forward facing.