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Had a decision making sister convo today.
See, Blythe and I have been talking on the phone in the morning while she drives to work for several years now, and we needed something to talk about, and tax write offs and shiz to get into together and Punk Rock Hoops was born.

Hotties in tutus on the beach!


This intense community of love erupted, and since we liked each other so much we spent more and more time together. Organically, #HottieHoopCamp happened, ​a camp about self love,


The famous Hottie Hoop Camp Cup


creative expression, personal development, and the loudest set of rowdy clapper and cheerers for you that you ever saw. Seriously, take a risk cause we got your back.


Hotlanta and light trails


Journeys come to an end. *

This is gonna be our last Hottie Hoop Camp. We may do something later down the road, but life is guiding us to have THE BEST FUCKING BEACH PARTY to celebrate this awesome run of community, learning, self discovery and PURE LOVE.

Jump in if you’re coming. Come if you are called. 


Hotties posing before the Talent Show


Blythe and Rowan


Sisters in Marfa
P.S. gratitude to @Leonie for the clarity, Blythe and I have been doing our workbooks.

*Until you start to feel the call, feel the wanderlust, and pick up your pack again.

** Forward Facing: I first heard this term in a Danielle LaPorte post about the How to create a Declaration of Clarity.