1000 Origami Vaginas Project ~ #1000VOP

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I’ve just about fucking had it.

That hoser Aikin has really exposed some stupid thinking. And there have been some good responses to be sure.

And how about the “penalty dick” that a woman has to endure to get a pregnancy termination/abortion.

Fuck Perry. Fuck Akin. Fuck the Michigan Senate House Republicans.

Fuck a bunch of dudes who have their nosy noses up our snatch.

Found on FB page “the Other 98%”


And getting riled up to the max doesn’t really help me.

I thought, What would Amanda Palmer do?

I’m fixing to try something new.

I’m doing something.

I’m taking inspiration from the 1000 crane projects.


Here is the plan

We are going to fold 1000 Origami Vaginas for Peace, I’m calling it the Vagina Origami Project, VOP for short.


Say What?!










And I’m not going to be folding all these by myself, oh no mamm, Its going to be all of us.


Here are some directions

Directions 1) Orange paper, a little challenge cause both sides of the paper are orange,

Directions 2) Good directions, no sound

Directions 3)  Dollar Bill Biz

I gotta say i’m not a super fan of the dollar bill, cause pussy is always used to sell something, isn’t it? But that was reported by my vagina folding crew as to be the easiest of the directions.


Watching Origami Videos.









So here is where You come in.

Look at these directions, DO YOUR VERY BEST to fold a vagina.

Even if its all bijiggidy, its cool.

and then show me yours, har har. Cause many plenty of folks have been showing their ass  over my vagina, right?

Step 1) So click here to tweet ~ I’m folding a vagina for peace. ooooooo, I’m loving you.

Step 2) Give it a go with the above directions. Make a vagina!

Step 3) send us a pic, either through twitter with tags #1000VOP  #punkrockhoops http://bit.ly/RKQQG8 or on our FB page Punk Rock Hoops.

Share with all your friends who have had ENOUGH!!!!

1000 Vaginas Origami Project. Pass it on. and on and ON!

Look at these Origami Vaginas!









Punk Rock foreveah,

Rowan, Blythe & Cool Honey




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I was almost confused (not by the directions, haven't made it that far) then I saw the word, "bijiggedety" and I knew I was in the right place! I'll "commence to folding" ASAP!! (As Soon As Pussyble!)

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