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Noteworthy Details that Prevent Sudden Death: Art Car Parade

Remember how me and the Art Car Parade beezies almost fried our tuna at the parade? And then, in a move of epic stupidness, I failed to protect my number one asset, or at least that’s how it felt when they were DESTROYED. Behold Noteworthy Details that Prevent Sudden Death. 1.  Know where the parade ends. It doesn’t matter how much […]

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Art Car Parade: Drop It Like It’s Hot

Hellooooo, Anybody heard of the Art Car Parade? ‘Cause apparently all of Houston came out to see it. Hi Yvonne! Hi Suzy! Hi Alicia! And, look at how good LaLa looks on photo number 14!     We had so much fun that we have threeeeee things we wanna share. Art Car Parade Protocol: 1) Drop […]

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Breaking Cool

Wanna know the secret to PRH (that’s Punk Rock Hoops for you newbies) success? We dont care how stupid or dorky we look in front of you. Like, look at that, even the dog looks weird. And that’s pretty much it ‘Cause let’s face it, whenever you have a hoop in your hands folks are […]

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Hoops on a Plane

Guess where some Punk Rock Hoops peeps were hanging over the weekend? Tr3y and I went to NYC to attend a Tarot reading conference, aptly named the Reader’s Studio, where we learned lots and got to love up on some of our peeps. A total highlight was meeting Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady, who did […]

Big Girl, You Are Beautiful!

Shut the Front Door!  Did you know this is a song?!! Carrie (what a love) showed it to me last Sunday at the NiaMoves Coffee Break Hoop Class. So I, all excited, google it and VOILA!  Hey Girl, You are Beautiful. Later, I told my husband about the new song I’m adding to the playlist, and you […]